Social Sabotage An awkward party game by Buzzfeed

Send your mom...

...thinking about selling my feet pics online

...did you mean to send this to me?

Thinking about selling my feet pics online.
Send your mom...
Post on Instagram...

Are you willing to implode your beautifully curated digital life?

You damn well better be, because that's the only way to win.

A screenshot of your search history.
A video of you twerking.
A photo of just your mouth.

Exclusively available at

How to play!

Social Sabotage gameplay is simple. There are two types of cards:

Where cards, which give the destination for your message, picture, or caption.

Post on
a family member's Facebook profile...
Post on Facebook...
Send an

and What cards, which provide awkward messages, pictures or captions you’ll need to send.

I love the smell of my own farts!
Grandpa really fills out those khakis.

Players take turns challenging one another with combinations of What and Where cards.

Post on Facebook...
I love the smell of my own farts!

The player with the courage to collect the most Where cards and What cards earns the most points. That’s how you win.

How to play

Watch the video (2:49)
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Box Includes:

  • Instructions
  • 410 what cards
  • 90 where cards


Share your Social Sabotaging with us. Take screenshots of the fallout and tag #socialsabotage.

Questions & answers not written by lawyers

Where can I buy Social Sabotage?

Social Sabotage may cost you Likes, which isn't a currency any store accepts. But for money, it’s exclusively available at,, and in Walmart stores.

What’s the best way to play this game?

It's pretty straight-forward, and we wrote a lot of fancy rules that you can read. We also made a video with the rules in it. Look, we made this as easy as possible for you. Just remember to use common sense and think before you post. Or don't.

Ages 17+ 3+ Players
  • 2 Min to learn
  • 30-45 to play
  • Smartphone Required

What comes in my Social Sabotage game?

Social Sabotage comes with 410 What cards and 90 Where cards to encourage fun, weird gameplay. If you haven't played yet, that probably won't make a ton of sense to you, but trust us, it's all you'll need. Oh, also a smartphone. You'll need one of those too. Oh, and some friends. Once you have all those things, just sit back and watch your digital life implode.

Are there going to be expansion packs?

That’s the plan! Maybe buy two Social Sabotages just to motivate us to write some expansion packs a little quicker...

Who made this game?

The game was developed by a collection of folks who love the internet, being awkward, and getting weird with their friends (aka BuzzFeed). We're very sorry.

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